TD-ELECTRONICS is the producer of isotopic measurement devices, measuring systems, software and IR measurements for environment monitoring, laboratories, and industry.

Our experience in the production of isotopic measurement systems is over 30 years and we established TD-ELECTRONICS company in 1998.

We offer:

  • Environment radiation monitoring devices (dose rate H*(10), gamma spectrometry, identification of radionuclides)
  • Software for communication, collecting and supporting real-time analysis of measurement data
  • Mobile dosimetric and spectrometric probes with GPS and GIS software
  • Spectrometric devices – α, β, γ, IR
  • Dosimetric portals
  • Hand and foot contamination monitor
  • Probes for measuring radon in the water and it the air
  • Industrial and outdoor gamma radiometric kits
  • IR and isotopic industrial gauges

Our devices and software form the early warning network of Polish National Atomic Energy Agency (since 2005) and Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (since 2012). Data from the stations are transferred online to EURDEP. We implement our solutions in laboratories, industry and environmental monitoring performed by public entities, institutes, universities.