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TDSG probe

TDSG3 spectroscopic gamma detector is designed for measuring ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10) in environmental conditions. TDSG3 is used to quickly evaluate the level of radiation in air. It is dedicated for early warning systems.

TDSG3 provides continuous and simultaneous dose rate measurement using Geiger-Müller tube and gamma spectrum using NaI(Tl) scintillation detector and 512-channels spectrum analyser.

The set is contained in a compact housing suited for Central Europe environmental conditions.

TDSG probe parameters

Power supply 24 VDC ± 10%
Power current ok. 150 mA
Operating temperature from -30 oC to +70 oC
Protection class IP65
Dimensions ø180 x 450 mm (ø200 x 470 mm for TDSG3)
Weight ~ 4 kg (~ 5 kg for TDSG3)
Communication interface RS-232, RS-485, LAN (option)
Internal RAW measurement data storage in SD card 4 months

G-M dose rate parameters

Ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10) range 10 nSv/h – 3000 uSv/h (option up to 2 Sv/h)
Nierównomierność charakterystyki
energetycznej względem Cs-137
od -30% do +67% (w zakresie 35 keV – 2 MeV)
Measurement uncertainty ± 10% (for 100 nSv/h, T=10 min, 2σ)

Spectrometer parameters

Ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10) range 10 nSv/h – 20 uSv/h (up to 5 uSv/h for TDSG3)
Energy range 50 – 3000keV
Spectrometer 512 channels, max. 65535 counts per channel
Measurement time parametric (60 – 600 sek)
NaI(Tl) scintillation detector ø2”x2” NaI(Tl) (ø3”x3” for TDSG3)

Energetic spectrum stabilization (K-40 peak analysis).
Software for automatic nuclides identification.