Category: Environment monitoring


TDLG is a smart probe for continuous monitoring of the ambient gamma dose equivalent rate H*(10) in the environment. It consists of the precise Geiger-Müller tube with the range of 50 nSv/h – 3 mSv/h (optional up to 2 Sv/h). The probes are used in national networks of the Polish National Atomic Energy Agency and

TDSG probe

TDSG3 spectroscopic gamma detector is designed for measuring ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10) in environmental conditions. TDSG3 is used to quickly evaluate the level of radiation in air. It is dedicated for early warning systems. TDSG3 provides continuous and simultaneous dose rate measurement using Geiger-Müller tube and gamma spectrum using NaI(Tl) scintillation detector and 512-channels


The early warning station TDPMS3 is used for measuring ambient gamma dose equivalent rate H*(10), gamma spectrum and weather parameters (precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature) in environmental conditions. Station probes are designed for continuous work outdoors. The station computer collects, stores and transfers the measurement data. The TDPMS3 can be accessed